How would a feather-soft sleep in one of our idyllic cottages right on the shore sound? The traditional buildings on Herrankukkaro’s old fisherman’s homestead are a variety of different sizes and can accommodate over 100 overnight guests in total. Mummonmökki, Mammanmökki and Vaarinmökki cottages offer comfortable, idyllic moments and sweet, feather-light dreams. The ripple of the waves and the tranquil environment of the home-stead guarantee a deep sleep.

Herrankukkaro does not have one or two-person hotel suites, but our cottages have all of the modern amenities, such as showers and bathroom facilities. For guests who prefer a higher level of comfort, we can arrange accommodations with our business partner in the nearby five-star hotel.

We can even offer some unparalleled sleeping arrangements for those who crave new and daring experiences, such as a feather-soft sleep in a luxury birdhouse, or a frosty sleep under a lean-to by the glow of a campfire.
At Herrankukkaro, we cherish our long history of creating a cozy atmosphere, nostalgic decor, privacy, tranquility and everything that will keep our guests happy.