Herrankukkaro also provides a different kind of culinary experience. We do not use addi-tives, industrially processed raw ingredients or products. Practically speaking, we make almost everything ourselves—starting with our home-baked archipelago bread. It all hap-pens on site in our own kitchen, here and now. Therein lies the secret to our food’s deli-cious taste and wholesomeness. Furthermore, our food is primarily obtained from the wild, plucked from nature and naturally grown—authentic flavors from the fields, forest and sea. Fish, game, mushrooms and berries, flavored with natural wild herbs.

We use raw ingredients from nature according to the season, availability and success of the catch. We serve meals as a buffet, for example, so that those with special diets will have a good selection to choose from. We also offer a unique possibility for “active din-ing.” This means that guests receive information and guidance and, if they like, may them-selves take part in food preparation between meals.

Examples of menus

Wildfood menu - Home-grown dinner and the novelty of nature

We can arrange the usual buffet table indoors or arrange dinner under the beach shelter with hurricane lamps over an open fire, weather permitting. For a surcharge, we offer guided involvement in preparing and enjoying the food.

THE APPETIZER TABLE: lettuce, mushroom salad, Rymättylä’s own vinegar-salt pickles, smoked cheese, lingonberry jam, hard-boiled eggs, our own cold-smoked Atlantic salmon, our own cold-smoked meat, herring roe+sour cream+onion+country-style bread, three different kinds of herring marinated in herbs and wild berries. Our home-baked archipela-go bread and sea buckthorn butter.

THE ENTRÉ TABLE: for example, venison, wild game sausage, smoked pork ribs, wild herb casserole, creamed mushrooms, Rymättylä’s renowned potatoes from the neighbor’s field. At least 5 kinds of wild fish, depending on the catch. Smoked, broiled and ember-roasted.

THE DESSERT TABLE: the hostess’s berry dessert surprise, coffee and tea.

Koivuniemen Janne’s archipelago buffet, a popular classic

THE APPETIZER TABLE: lettuces, Rymättylä’s own vinegar-salt pickles, home-made cheese and lingonberry jam, hard-boiled eggs, raw pickled Atlantic salmon, our own cold-smoked meat, two different kinds of herring marinated in herbs and wild berries. Archipelago bread baked by the hostess and sea buckthorn butter.

THE ENTRÉ TABLE: For example, root vegetables marinated in a honey sauce. The host’s specialty: Oskar’s Baltic herring—Baltic herring marinated in cream with herring. And wild game meatballs. At least four kinds of fish smoked, ember-roasted and broiled on the beach by the host. Rymättylä’s renowned potatoes, boiled, picked, with permission, from the neighbor’s field.

THE DESSERT TABLE: the hostess’s berry dessert surprise, coffee and tea.

We serve low-lactose food. All of our dairy products are low-lactose.

Roast your own fish over a campfire

A small savory snack in the spirit of the archipelago cooked over an open fire – learn to roast your own delicious salmon on a barbecue fork in the glow of a cozy campfire. Enjoy a relaxing time at Herrankukkaro’s beach shelter in the heart of the archipelago, immersed in silence and bathed in the warmth of the campfire.